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The latest news from the United Methodist News Service.
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Central Nigeria Conference opens new secondary school

11 december, 2018 - 17:38
Along with a Christian foundation, students — many of whom could not afford government or private schools — prepare for higher education.

Opinions still vary on the Way Forward

10 december, 2018 - 20:37
A variety of plans have United Methodist champions as the church strives to find common ground on homosexual marriage and clergy.

Commentary: In service of God, men and women are equal

10 december, 2018 - 19:54
"God blessed both man and woman and charged them both to have dominion over the earth," writes the Rev. Eunice Iliya.

Filipino pastor arrested ‘rescuing’ Lumad children

10 december, 2018 - 18:40
Eighteen people, including the Rev. Eller Ordeniza, a United Methodist, were detained and charged with kidnapping and human trafficking by local police.

Zimbabwe music director focuses on human rights

10 december, 2018 - 17:32
Through his gift of music, Walter Mujuru teaches people of all ages about socioeconomic and cultural justice.

Zimbabwe church vows to halt AIDS epidemic

4 december, 2018 - 19:44
With new resources, ongoing advocacy and education, the Common Voice Initiative envisions a world without HIV/AIDS.

Seeing a Way Forward: The Rev. Tom Berlin

4 december, 2018 - 18:49
A member of the Commission on a Way Forward, the Rev. Berlin explains that the One Church Plan tries to allow different people to “exercise their own judgment in their cultural context.”

Mexican church helping migrants in Tijuana, Apaxco

4 december, 2018 - 18:47
Methodist churches are helping provide food, shelter for members of the migrant caravan camped out in Tijuana, Mexico.

Church extends support to deported man

3 december, 2018 - 23:15
A man who found sanctuary in a United Methodist church has now been deported to Mexico. The U.S. congregation is working for his return.

Church steps up after earthquake

3 december, 2018 - 22:38
St. John United Methodist of Anchorage becomes temporary shelter after 7.0 temblor.

Bishops urge peace talks on trip to war-torn region of Africa

3 december, 2018 - 20:32
Six members of the Council of Bishops, along with three staff members of the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries, took part in the mission visit , which included travel to the Central Africa Republic and Kenya.

Commentary: The power of pencils in Cameroon

3 december, 2018 - 17:00
United Methodist Women in Cameroon reach out to rural school students with much-needed school supplies as part of the One Child, One Pencil Project.

Poll shows church’s shifting views of alcohol

30 november, 2018 - 21:15
More than half of U.S. Methodists — once famous teetotalers — now acknowledge tipping one back from time to time. That marks a significant change for the tradition.

Zimbabwe women put focus on cervical cancer

30 november, 2018 - 17:25
More than 400 women were screened for cervical cancer and those with suspicious results received their first treatment during The United Methodist Church’s annual women’s convention.

Seeing a Way Forward: The Rev. Tom Lambrecht

29 november, 2018 - 19:59
Vice president of Good News and a member of the Wesleyan Covenant Association leadership council, the Rev. Lambrecht gives insight into the Traditional Plan and Modified Traditional Plans.

Sierra Leone welcomes free education — with reservations

28 november, 2018 - 23:38
As new United Methodist schools await approval for government assistance, dwindling enrollments present challenges.

Growing the church in West Africa

28 november, 2018 - 22:54
United Methodists in Côte d’Ivoire have committed to planting new churches in areas with few Christians. That commitment is one of the reasons the African church is growing.


28 november, 2018 - 18:34

Africa University pilots HIV self-testing

28 november, 2018 - 00:35
With help of the Board of Global Ministries, the project is first to be conducted at a United Methodist institution in Zimbabwe.

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