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‘Liberation Methodist Church’ idea gets hearing

9 mars, 2020 - 23:48
UM-Forward meeting in Dallas works on two tracks, including one for those ready to form a new, liberationist denomination.

Church members worship together after tornadoes

9 mars, 2020 - 22:36
Church members in Tennessee gathered to find comfort and inspiration in worship after tornadoes killed dozens and caused extensive property damage in Middle Tennessee.

Sierra Leone Conference approves protocol

7 mars, 2020 - 00:20
At the 2020 United Methodist Sierra Leone Conference, members voted to approve the Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation.

Fostering healthy smiles in Zimbabwe

6 mars, 2020 - 19:56
United Methodists collaborate with Swedish dentists to screen, treat and teach rural children about proper dental care.

Retired pastor’s home lost to tornado

6 mars, 2020 - 00:33
United Methodists in and around Cookeville, Tennessee, among those suffering from March 3 tornadoes.

The difficult process of church restarts

4 mars, 2020 - 19:37
Church restarts are hard, painful and sometimes the only way to reach out to a community no longer responding to traditional ways of doing church.

United Methodist caregivers reflect on Ebola

4 mars, 2020 - 19:18
Doctors and nurses at United Methodist hospitals gathered to look for ways to make prevention efforts more effective as the outbreak showed signs of slowing.

Tennessee tornadoes take lives, damage churches

4 mars, 2020 - 01:29
At least 24 deaths were reported after tornadoes swept through Nashville and other parts of the state and the storms heavily damaged at least three United Methodist churches.

LGBTQ advocates see hope for church future

3 mars, 2020 - 00:43
United Methodists at the Reconciling Ministries Network convocation expect a proposed denominational separation will reduce harm to LGBTQ members and their allies.

United Methodists respond to Zimbabwe hunger crisis

2 mars, 2020 - 18:06
The United Nations estimates that half the population in Zimbabwe is food insecure due to persistent droughts and economic turmoil.

Local church options under separation plans

28 februari, 2020 - 19:36
Depending on the outcome of 2020 General Conference, local churches could have painful decisions to make.

Sierra Leone prison ministry advocates for inmates

28 februari, 2020 - 19:17
Church group supports female prisoners with counseling, training while they are incarcerated and after they’ve been released.

Key African group supports protocol plan

28 februari, 2020 - 01:26
The UMC Africa Initiative is urging some amendments that are less far-reaching than those offered in a Liberian resolution earlier this month.

Clergywomen in US, Africa forge bonds

27 februari, 2020 - 21:34
Black clergywomen in the U.S. and their counterparts in Africa are building relationships. A gathering is planned at Africa University in 2022.

Church evangelizes across Congo River

27 februari, 2020 - 18:13
Central Congo Bishop Daniel Lunge is working with local leaders to establish the first United Methodist Church presence in the Republic of Congo.

Daily Digest - February 25, 2020

25 februari, 2020 - 22:22
Calling for peace on the Korean Peninsula; South Central bishops urge protocol support; School offers hope in Kenya slums

Churches call for peace on the Korean Peninsula

25 februari, 2020 - 20:54
The year 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. The United and Korean Methodist churches will join Christians throughout the world to call for peace and reconciliation.

Church school offers hope in Kenyan slums

25 februari, 2020 - 19:39
Huruma United Methodist Church’s primary school supports orphans and other vulnerable children in the Mathare Valley slums.

¿Por qué las cenizas?

25 februari, 2020 - 01:18
Recibir la ceniza es una manera de confrontar nuestra humanidad y mortalidad. Nos recuerda que no somos Dios, pero una buena creación de Dios. Con ello reconocemos que nuestros cuerpos no van a durar para siempre y que eventualmente nos encontraremos cara a cara con la realidad de nuestra propia muerte.

Daily Digest - February 24, 2020

25 februari, 2020 - 00:58
Financial impact of GC2020 plans; Alaska votes to become mission district; 'Hidden Figures' mathematician dead at 101

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