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Nyheter från metodistkyrkan globalt

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Error forces revote on failed constitutional amendment

11 maj, 2018 - 18:25
United Methodist conferences must revote on an amendment to the church’s constitution because the wrong version was sent to conference secretaries.

Filipino-Americans return home for meeting, mission

10 maj, 2018 - 16:49
Ministries with street children are among the highlights of the 16th National Association of Filipino-American United Methodists Convocation, held for the first time in the Philippines.

Wesley’s Chapel makes history relevant today

9 maj, 2018 - 18:18
The Methodist congregation at Bermondsey offers practical assistance and the spirit of Jesus to a diverse community.

Methodist-Anglican connection remains strong

9 maj, 2018 - 18:16
British Methodism’s close ties to Church of England prompt consideration of new covenant agreement.

Commentary: Addiction, Mother’s Day and God’s grace

9 maj, 2018 - 16:56
Children are born, grow up and then have babies of their own — one grandmother reflects on blessings for Mother’s Day.

Church helps flooded village

9 maj, 2018 - 00:59
Pastor and family shelter in church after flooding, United Methodists partner with government to provide relief.

Making a statement about missions

8 maj, 2018 - 17:49
Conference stresses empowerment, sustainability in United Methodist mission work.

Bishops’ proposal garners range of responses

8 maj, 2018 - 00:34
Bishops themselves are choosing to emphasize different parts of their motion for a Way Forward. Advocacy groups are also making their thoughts known.

Church ready to welcome asylum seekers

7 maj, 2018 - 19:07
Christ United Methodist Ministry Center in San Diego, California, is preparing to accept some of the hundreds of migrants seeking asylum who are gathered at border.

Church ratifies 3 constitutional amendments

7 maj, 2018 - 18:31
Two other possible amendments — both promoting women’s equality and inclusion in the church — fell short of the required votes.

Water project empowers rural community in Zambia

7 maj, 2018 - 17:56
United Methodist missionary leads effort to provide clean water and proper toilets in the Mwaiseni Community, home to more than 20,000 people.

Bishops propose plan for Way Forward

5 maj, 2018 - 00:07
Bishops are recommending a plan allowing more freedom around LGBTQ ordination and marriage, but submitting three plans to General Conference.

Liberian radio station unifies, crosses religious divide

3 maj, 2018 - 22:19
ELUM 98.7 shared valuable health information during the Ebola crisis. These days, it broadcasts hope and spirituality.

United Methodist radio operators focus on ethics

3 maj, 2018 - 21:59
Avoid conflicts and communicate the word of God was the message at fourth annual United Methodist Radio Network meeting in Angola.

Church brings grace to former Ebola epicenter

2 maj, 2018 - 23:32
A growing United Methodist congregation in Sierra Leone that was worshipping in a makeshift structure has dedicated a new $90,000 church building.

Missionaries help growth in west Africa

1 maj, 2018 - 23:19
A married couple shows how United Methodists wed evangelism and development in missionary work. They rely on support from a diverse church.

Christians find hope in Korean summit

1 maj, 2018 - 00:20
As denominations, organizations and individuals, the world religious community looks at north-south talks with optimism and caution.

Messaging system connects United Methodists in Africa

30 april, 2018 - 22:33
Communicators use text alerts to share news of the church, as a tool for evangelism and to promote better health in the community.

Bishops begin high-stakes deliberations

30 april, 2018 - 18:35
Council of Bishops president said the church is watching as bishops finalize recommendations aimed at fending off church splits over homosexuality.

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