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Listen in: Audio emanating from GC2019

22 februari, 2019 - 21:37
Dr. Arthur McClanahan, director of communications for the Iowa Conference, is compiling and presenting a variety of audio files from the special called General Conference.

A conversation with the worship team

22 februari, 2019 - 18:28
Listen to the leaders of the team who will lead worship at the special General Conference in St. Louis explain their approach to helping create a sacred experience while delegates seek to see a way forward for the United Methodist Church. The Rev. Arthur McClanahan, director of communications for the Iowa Conference, conducts the interviews.

Court voids 2016 rule for bishops outside U.S.

22 februari, 2019 - 04:05
Among decisions by United Methodist Judicial Council during a February session is voiding an action by General Conference 2016.

Amid struggles, deaconess movement flourishes in the Philippines

21 februari, 2019 - 22:44
Called to ministries of love, justice and service, more than 400 Filipina deaconesses — and their counterparts around the world — teach, preach and reach out to the marginalized.

Commentary: Are United Methodists ignoring Wesley?

21 februari, 2019 - 19:01
Methodism founder John Wesley implored us to ‘do no harm.’ John Yeaman feels the denomination’s stance on homosexuality ignores that rule.

Communicators keep telling the story

21 februari, 2019 - 18:37
Jessica Brodie and Matt Brodie are United Methodist communicators from South Carolina. Being a communicator brings with it “a great deal of responsibility to do whatever we do with exceptional integrity,” they said, and it’s their “responsibility to keep telling the story.”

Texas pastor helped revive Methodism in Russia

20 februari, 2019 - 23:27
The Rev. Bruce Weaver, who led The United Methodist Church’s Russia Initiative, has died at age 97.

Bishop Laurie Haller looks to the General Conference

20 februari, 2019 - 22:04
Bishop Laurie Haller shares her feelings about the upcoming General Conference.

Providing early education in rural Zimbabwe

20 februari, 2019 - 19:19
Baltimore-Washington mission team, Zimbabwe Episcopal Area open state-of-the-art early childhood development center and playground at Hanwa Mission School.

Lessons from other denominational divides

19 februari, 2019 - 22:31
United Methodist ecumenical partners Episcopalians, Lutherans and Presbyterians all have faced their own splits related to homosexuality and the Bible. Here is an overview of their experiences.

Commentary: The plan of 'gracious inclusion'

19 februari, 2019 - 20:44
The Simple Plan would relieve The United Methodist Church of the burdens of discrimination and the responsibility of enforcement by punishment, writes a Drew University Theological School professor.

Church in Côte d’Ivoire focuses on farming, food security

19 februari, 2019 - 19:09
Bishop Benjamin Boni and Côte d’Ivoire Episcopal Area take holistic approach to agriculture involving women and youths.

Former members on why they left

19 februari, 2019 - 02:09
Former LGBTQ members of The United Methodist Church talk about why they have left the church.

LGBTQ United Methodists are hurting — and leaving

19 februari, 2019 - 00:21
Former United Methodists talk about their pain — and what they think the church lost when they left.

Church helps internally displaced people in Congo

18 februari, 2019 - 19:51
Fleeing tribal conflicts, more than 2,500 refugees find shelter and hope, thanks to The United Methodist Church, UMCOR.

Commentary: Keep the main thing the main thing

18 februari, 2019 - 18:59
Citing the church stance on homosexuality as a mostly U.S. concern, the Rev. Edgar De Jesus writes that Filipino United Methodists are more focused on how to make the Gospel relevant.

Commentary: Grateful for gifts of LGBTQ in church

15 februari, 2019 - 19:52
The Rev. Molly Vetter says that throughout her life, she has been blessed by the gifts of mentors and colleagues in ministry who are LGBTQ.

Using musical instruments for evangelism

15 februari, 2019 - 18:41
Zimbabwe Episcopal Area teaches church members to play new instruments to hone their talents and attract young people to worship.

Daily Digest - February 14, 2019

15 februari, 2019 - 01:05
Small churches play big role for refugees; Communication at forefront of GC2019; Kennedy telegram a reminder from past

Communication at forefront of GC2019

15 februari, 2019 - 00:16
Story of 'critical moment' for The United Methodist Church will be shared by a range of communicators, using everything from print to podcasts.

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