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Tacksamma hälsningar från Knowledge

Knowledge 2018.jpg

Rådet för mission fick för en tid sedan detta brev från Knowledge, ett av Rut Lindgrens fosterbarn i Zimbabwe. Eftersom detta tack gäller er alla som med era gåvor och böner hjälper dessa ungdomar och våra andra missionsprojekt så vill vi med Knowledge medgivande dela brevet med er. Tack för ert stöd!

To the Mission Board

I am writing this email just to express my utmost gratitude for your ever unwavering support and commitment. To be honest it wasn't easy after we lost our mom but with you on our side we felt loved and very much at home. You were always there whenever we needed your help and because of that I just want to say thank you.

You helped me write my ACCA exams and fortunately I passed and only failed one which i will rewrite soon most probably in December.
Words can't express my happiness and gratitude but if you were to look me in the face you would see that I'm really really grateful for sure.

I promise i will do my very best to continue working extremely hard, get a job and take care of my little sisters as well. I owe you that for sure and it is also my responsibility to take care of the little ones. I promise i will definitely do as such and will not disappoint you at any given point.
I will keep in mind everyday your undying support in my life.

Thank you so so much and may the Dear Lord continue to bless you abundantly and fulfil all your hearts' desires.Do not just end in helping us alone as there are still more underprivileged children who still need your help as well.
Thank you so much.

Thank you once again,


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