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John Wesleys hälsotips

John Wesley

Metodistkyrkans grundare John Wesley skrev många böker, men vilken av dem sålde bäst under hans livstid? Faktiskt en vid namn "Primitive Physick" med underrubriken "An Easy and Natural Method of Curing Most Diseases", översatt ungefär "En enkel och naturlig metod för att bota de flesta sjukdomar". Boken var helt enkelt en kort samling hälsotips som John Wesley levde efter och som han ansåg kunde vara till nytta för andra. I en tid då vi blir mer och mer hälsomedvetna finns det förvånansvärt många sanningar i Wesleys 1700-tals tankar om mat och motion, som tyvärr verkar ha fallit i glömska på många håll även inom kyrkorna de senaste 200 åren.

Utdrag ur boken kan läsas på adressen Några exempel:

The great rule of eating and drinking is to suit the quality and quantity of food to the strength of the digestion; to take always such a sort and such a measure of food as sits light and easy on the stomach.

All pickled, or smoked, or salted food, and all high seasoned, are unwholesome.

Nothing conduces more to health than abstinence and plain food, with due labor.

For studious persons, about eight ounces of animal food, and twelve of vegetable, in twenty hours, is sufficient.

Water is the wholesomest of all drinks; it quickens the appetite and strengthens the digestion most.

Strong, and more especially, spirituous liquors, are a certain, though slow poison.

Experience shows there is very seldom any danger in leaving them off all at once.

Tender persons should eat very light suppers, and that two or three hours before going to bed.

They ought constantly go to bed about nine, and rise at four or five.

A due degree of exercise is indispensably necessary to health and long life.

Walking is the best exercise for those who are able to bear it; riding for those who are not. The open air, when the weather is fair, contributes much to the benefit of exercise.

We may strengthen any weak part of the body by constant exercise. Thus, the lungs may be strengthened by loud speaking, or walking up an easy ascent; the digestion and the nerves by riding; the arms and hams* by strong rubbing them daily.

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