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Christmas Greetings from Cambodia


Dear friends,

Plastic Christmas trees with glittery ornaments have been popular in the shops of Phnom Penh this December, but the anticipation and bustling preparations are distinctly missing. For me, listening to Handel s Messiah and reading the lectionary every morning with my housemates has helped bring some definition to Advent here in the tropics.

It is the harvest season in Cambodia, and the rice fields have turned that lovely old that glows in the dusk as the wind brings the weary workers home. But, there is also a somberness this year since so many fields were destroyed with the flooding.

Thanks to donations from around the world, the Methodist Mission in
Cambodia was able to distribute relief packages to more than 1000 families in November and this week again to nearly 800 more families in the impacted regions. About 10% of the farmers in the communities where we work have re-planted fields with dry-season rice, if they have sufficient access towater.

There is a story from Mr. Thy on our blogabout how church members in the village of Raksmei have shared their plots of landthat are suitable for dry-season farming to highly-impacted neighbors who otherwise would have nothing this year.

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