Vasa Metsku – a church in the heart of the city. We often underline the words of the Psalmist: “God sets the lonely in families” (68:6). Starting a new relationship with Jesus is to come home in the words deepest sense. Finding and joining a church is to become part of a family and a tribe. Welcome to learn to know Metsku in Vasa! We’re here for you.


Water and tears

Our bodies contain a lot of water and we  need water to stay in good health. Dehydration is sometimes hard to discover, but our skin might send some signals and  headaches, irritation and fatigue are of often a sign of  dehydration. Man is not just a physical being. We are spirit, soul and body, according …

What we do

Sunday worship

Every Sunday we come together for worship, prayer-ministry and teaching at 11 am. Everything that is said is simultaneously translated into English and Finnish. The kids go to their own activities as the preaching/teaching begins. There is also time to mingle together and learn to know each other as we have a simple coffee with snacks after service. Once a month we serve a brunch before the service.

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Kids’ church

As the kids go for their own Sunday worship when the sermon for the adults starts. The kids do crafts, dramas, sing and play together. Obs! The parents are responsible for their own kids until the kids’ church begins and when the kids come back from their activities.

Food & chat

Thursdays 5-6pm the church is open for fellowship and dinner. We also distribute food and clothes for free. There is a short personal testimony in every Thursday meeting. All are warmly welcome!


Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we pray at 9am. We also pray Mondays 6pm. Prayer is the engine of the church and in the life of every individual. Any so called “impossible situation” can be changed through the power of prayer. And a strong “prayer-engine” makes a strong church. The concept in the prayer-meetings is simple and free.

Coffee shop

Coffee shop Abyssinian Livingroom serves Etiopian coffee and snacks every day in the church. The coffee shop is also open Saturday evenings.



Rauhankatu 12
65100 Vaasa, Finland

Senior Pastor:

Camilla Klockars
050 520 6548


Andreas Forsbäck (andreas.forsback@gmail.com)

Worship-leaders: Simon Weiner and Frida Grönqvist-Elo.

Kids’ ministry: Carola Löfholm, Sarah Nygård, Emma Lill-Their and Miranda Klockars.

Account for gifts:
Kvevlax sparbank: FI26 4958 0010 0507 26

Our local parish belongs to The United Methodist Church in Finland: www.metodistkyrkan.fi