Vasa Metsku – a church in the heart of the city. We often underline the words of the Psalmist: “God sets the lonely in families” (68:6). Starting a new relationship with Jesus means coming home in the words deepest sense. Finding and joining a church is to become part of a family and a tribe. Welcome to learn to know Metsku in Vasa!



When I turned 50 I got a new phone as a gift from my church. I have really appreciated it. Every 4-6 weeks a text has appeared on the screen saying: ”This phone has not been updated during the last six weeks. Do you want to do it now?” The question always comes when I …

Go for it!

Sometimes it is as if it would be hard for us to understand what church really is. We make it sound as if the church-building is “the church” that we “come to” and “go from”. This easily leads to a double-life: One life, neat and clean, when I enter the church-building and another, a more …


Rauhankatu 12
65100 Vaasa, Finland

Senior Pastor:

Camilla Klockars
050 520 6548

Associate pastor:

Andreas Forsbäck (andreas.forsback@gmail.com)

Worship-leaders: Simon Weiner and Frida Grönqvist-Elo.

Kids’ ministry: Carola Löfholm, Sarah Nygård, Emma Lill-Their and Miranda Klockars.

Food-distribution, team-leader: Seppo Keränen.

Sunday Brunches, team-leader: Susanna Weiner.

International team, leader: Hilina Derese (Etiopia/Vaasa).

Account for gifts:
Kvevlax sparbank: FI26 4958 0010 0507 26

Our local parish belongs to The United Methodist Church in Finland: www.metodistkyrkan.fi